Desmodium adscendens (Sw.) DC

Asthma herb

Collected in Ghana

Plant Family




D. adscendens


D. adscendens var adscendens

Scientific/ Botanical Name

Desmodium adscendens (Sw.) DC var adscendens

Common Name

Amor seco, Strong back, Beggar-lice, Hard man, Hard stick, Tick-clover, Asthma herb, Bush groundnut, Spider's groundnut, Crawcraw plant

Local Name

Akan – Ananse Nkatee, Akwamfanu

Ewe – Anyigba-Zi, Azibge

Nzema – Nwomenle, Ahule

Plant Uses

Specific Uses

Active components/ Isolated Compounds/ Molecule

Sample information

Samples Available

Aerial parts


KNUST – Department of Pharmacology

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Further information


Considered safe with an LD50 value of 1122mg/kg body weight when administered orally. It has a potential to cause herb-drug interaction.


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Dr. Cynthia Danquah, Department of Pharmacology, KNUST