Vitex leucoxylon L.f

Vitex leucoxylon Linn. is a small-to-large tree with a short-thick trunk and a spreading crown.

Collected in Ghana, Voucher specimen number KNUST/HMI/2019/SB/005

Plant Family




V. leucoxylon

Scientific/ Botanical Name

Vitex leucoxylon L.f

Common Name

White wood chaste tree

Local Name

Akan – Akwakora gyehini bedea

Plant Uses

Specific Uses

Active components/ Isolated Compounds/ Molecule

Sample information

Samples Available

Leaves, Stem bark


KNUST – Department of Pharmacology

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Further information


Althaf Faimum D., Sudaroli M. and Mohammed Salman I. (2013)

Makwana, H.G. et al., (1994)


Dr. Cynthia Danquah, Department of Pharmacology, KNUST